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Your Wednesday Briefing: More Aid to Ukraine - The New York Times.

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He finds Real Life Mermaid... Then This Happens...

He finds Real Life Mermaid... Then This Happens...

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A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human. There is a fascination about mermaids but if they do exist Mysterious Mermaids Caught On Camera. this five mermaids whilst in the water around the island so here are 7 sightings of mermaids from around the world.

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Since the beginning of recorded history, legends have been born surrounding the
elegant, beautiful and rare mermaids. Cultures across the world have their own versions
of this magical being, and sailors throughout history have told and recorded the
sightings of mermaids and even merman in their personal journals. Even the likes of
Columbus have written about mermaid sightings. The first-ever documented mermaid
was recorded in the 11 th century, so we can guess how old the myth really is. Or is it
really a myth? Let’s look at the 15 very real life mermaid sightings from history.
Number 15th) Mermaid from Kiryat Yam
In 2009, news of a mermaid fever made waves through out the Israeli city of Kiryat
Yam. Town residents claimed to have seen a creature that was a part girl and part fish.
The mermaid appeared at dusk, often performing tricks for residents and tourists.The
first person to have seen the mermaid said that she was taking a sunbath. When he and
his friends approached her, she quickly disappeared into the waves. Everyone was
shocked to find that the woman had no legs, only a tail. This observation is not an
isolated incident. After the news about the mermaid spread, hundreds of people came
there, claiming to have seen the mermaid Kiryat Yam.
Number 14) Blackbeard
Edward Teach is the legendary black-bearded pirate who served as a private soldier
during the Queen Anne War. Some researchers claim that Edward Teach deliberately
destroyed his own ship to separate the crew, which had become a liability for him. The

of a boat to warn others. However, before reaching the sad ending, Blackbeard
encountered a more otherworldly creature. It is recorded in his diary that he ordered his
team to leave certain "enchanted" waters because they were home to some creatures
of the sea, mainly mermaids. He was said to have seen them with his own eyes and
was afraid of annoying them
Number 13.) Mermaid of Zimbabwe
In 2012, construction teams in Zimbabwe were scared away by a “so-called” mermaid at
the Gokwe and Osbourne dams. The mermaid is called Mamba by the locals, who
harassed the workers when they tried to complete the dam construction. Local workers
who grew up in the area of folklore and mythology, believed that the appearance of the
mermaid was a bad omen and refused to complete the work of building the dam. In
order to continue the construction of the dam, the local council hired white workers to
complete the work. This was an attempt to hire people other than the workers who
believed in the legend and popularity of mamba muntu sightings. However, due to the
anger and harassment of the Zimbabwe River mermaid these workers also fled the
construction site and vowed not to return.
Number 12.) Captain Richard Whitbourne
Richard Whitbourne was an explorer, writer, and colonist in the 16th and 17th centuries.
He was an experienced person, not someone who was influenced by fairy tales and
fantasies. But In 1610, off the coast of Newfoundland, he described his encounter with
the mermaid who was swimming happily towards the boat he and his crew were sailing
on in the sea. He said that the mermaid swam quickly, sometimes jumping into the

water, and then rose from above, enough to let him "look" at her bare shoulders and
back. He claimed that he did not look at her face though.
Number 11) Active pass mermaid
When the mermaid was seen on the shore of mayne Island in 1967, British Columbia
became the center of enthusiasm for mermaids. The ferry driver one night saw a blonde
woman sitting on the beach, naked, with long blonde hair and a dolphin tail. Some
witnesses were very frustrated because they thought they saw the mermaid eating raw
salmon on the beach that day. After being observed by the ferry passengers, tourism
increased on that sight. Could this be a trick to attract tourists?
Number 10) Hakata bay mermaid
Japan has a long relationship with mermaids,

10 real life mermaid sightings

The Psychology of Space | The New Yorker

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